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Welcome to the heart of my not-that-secret lab. You just demonstrated your superior intelligence while searching for this hidden sanctuary. You will be rewarded for your high IQ. There's stuff to download, stuff to listen to and stuff to pointlessly stare at. Come back here from time to time to check for updates.

Have a good time.

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Musicians With Guns - Overstepping Artifacts (Promo Clip)

A new Vimeo Staff Pick !


Zzzzra - Le Futur Vaincra (Promo Clip)

At least something new !


Musicians With Guns - Astroblast

Happy new year !


Musicians With Guns - Univers 01.7 (Rotabox mix)

My drone/ambient/experimental side project called 'Musicians With Guns'. This track is part of 'Univers 0.1 ā 0.3' LP and will be released next year on Perso Records.


Musicians With Guns - Cometa (Mandelbox Version)

Short [Mandelbox] version of 'Cometa' by Musicians with Guns. Extract from 'Using the laxian key' CD album, to be release first quarter 2011 on Entropy Records.


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